Essential Series

The Kinetico Essential Series is the first ever single-tank, non-electric water softening system. Boasting an ergonomic design, it not only saves space by blending seamlessly with your other modern appliances, it keeps salt and water usage to a minimum, helping high-efficiency appliances work more effectively. The Essential Series helps you enjoy radiant looking glassware and utensils, keeping you feeling fresh and smooth when you step out of the shower, and comfortable in your clothes after they've been washed- because that's what a life hydrated by Kinetico is all about.

  • Non-electric reliability and ingenuity in an affordable package
  • Protect water-using appliances and fixtures from stains and scale buildup
  • Use less detergents and soaps for easier cleaning, savings and softer skin and hair

Non-Electric Operation: Moving water powers these systems, not electricity, so operation is simple and reliable. There are no timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace.

AccuDial™ 5 Precision: Your water professional will accurately adjust the system to your specific water conditions.

Efficient Hardness Removal: Get the water you want in your home.

Minimal Regeneration Time: Unit is back in service more quickly than traditional single-tank softeners.

5 Year Warranty: Rest assured, we stand behind our products.