Dr. Barry

I've accepted the R/O as so much part of my life that it has been difficult for me to step back and see the difference made by it. Until….. I got a phone call from a prospective client of yours who wanted an appraisal of the system you installed in my home. I have been committed to some form of water treatment for many years, first with Brita, and then faucet attached systems. After my last unit began leaking AGAIN, I decided to "bite the bullet", and have a more substantial and reliable system installed. I did some reading and from that I became convinced that reverse osmosis (R/O) was the way to go. Blu (Bluewater store) is in my neighbourhood and I dropped in to talk with you. I enjoyed your presentation and decided to go with the kinetico R/O. No sooner had I purchased the unit, it was quickly installed in my home. The first thing I noticed was the flow rate from the unit faucet was more than adequate and has remained so, more than three months as of now. While running the R/O water, I can still use the untreated water source. There is no question that the treated water tastes better than the untreated. Not only do I use the treated water for drinking, but also for washing food prior to eating and/or preparing. The water is also used in my home humidifier, Aroma Spa, and for water exchanges in my tropical fish tank. In the course of a typical day, I use as much as 2 gallons of treated water. I highly recommend anyone to speak with Robert Azzopardi, and give serious consideration for purchasing the kinetico R/O.