Customer Testimonials

Roneth G

We would like to thank you for taking the immediate action regarding our concerns. Please extend our thanks to Mr. De Santo for taking the time to visit us – we really appreciate it.

We are so impressed with Chris’ service of excellence. He truly set a high standard dealing with customers needs and professional care. Please extend our thanks to Chris.

Everything is working perfectly and we are enjoying the new water system. Thank you once again,

Don & Kate K

Our experience with Robert and the Bluewater team is superior. We had them install a reverse osmosis filtration system, chlorine removal and water softener. All have functioned as promised and the follow up consults initiated by Robert are both unexpected and appreciated.

Steve & Denise

Our concern about the quality of water our family consumes meant bottled water was delivered to our house for years. We put up with the hassles of ordering, hauling around bottles and occasional breakage until the time we asked our supplier for a water analysis and discovered it wasn't even all that pure.


As you know, I am a very satisfied customer of the 'Bluewater" products and your service.  In fact I love them.  I  bought the portable reverse-osmosis kit for my drinking water which has been wonderful for me given that I am in a rental apartment and do not want the expense of a major instalment.  I use it probably every couple of days and really do love the taste of the water and just 'knowing' that I am drinking pure water.

Danielle & Alan

We love our Kinetico water system. We were especially impressed with Robert's extensive knowledge, customer service and help.

Sadia & Junaid

We were looking for a water filtration system for our whole house for a long time. We researched online regarding water companies and their products that would meet and exceed our requirements. They needed to save energy and money in  the long term and improve our over all health and life style. Our decision to live a healthier lifestyle started paying off as soon as we had Kinetico installed from Blue water store.  Robert soon after you came to our house you suggested to us what was necessary. You were very detailed about the products and very professional and guided us.

Dr. Barry

I've accepted the R/O as so much part of my life that it has been difficult for me to step back and see the difference made by it. Until….. I got a phone call from a prospective client of yours who wanted an appraisal of the system you installed in my home. I have been committed to some form of water treatment for many years, first with Brita, and then faucet attached systems. After my last unit began leaking AGAIN, I decided to "bite the bullet", and have a more substantial and reliable system installed.


We got both kinetico drinking and soft water installed last year and have been enjoying it for 9 months.

Yes, the kinetice is a bit pricy compared to other water systems as it is the best in the market but I have to say the money is totally worth it. I had eczma problem since my early 20's over ten years now and i can tell my skin is improving and my husband always compliment that our skin is so soft including the kids.

E & M

My wife and I were looking to find  the proper reverse osmosis system for our two homes, but most importantly the right group to advise, support, and be honest. When we first called Robert from Blu Water Store, he immediately responded to our inquiries, he came to our place to discuss and evaluate our home, and proposed the different solutions we needed without putting any pressure. It’s easy to see that Robert has been in the health business for a long time, his professionalism, broad knowledge, and especially his energy was very refreshing!