Sadia & Junaid

We were looking for a water filtration system for our whole house for a long time. We researched online regarding water companies and their products that would meet and exceed our requirements. They needed to save energy and money in  the long term and improve our over all health and life style. Our decision to live a healthier lifestyle started paying off as soon as we had Kinetico installed from Blue water store.  Robert soon after you came to our house you suggested to us what was necessary. You were very detailed about the products and very professional and guided us. We are very thankful to you  and your team for taking care of us so well.  Your  after sales service is excellent  and we are enjoying our daily life with  our Kinetico water system. Robert you also recomended to us other healty choices and products which we didn't hesitate to introduce into our life. Thank you Robert, we strongly recommend  you and your team to anyone who is ready to change to a healthier life style.