E & M

My wife and I were looking to find  the proper reverse osmosis system for our two homes, but most importantly the right group to advise, support, and be honest. When we first called Robert from Blu Water Store, he immediately responded to our inquiries, he came to our place to discuss and evaluate our home, and proposed the different solutions we needed without putting any pressure. It’s easy to see that Robert has been in the health business for a long time, his professionalism, broad knowledge, and especially his energy was very refreshing! When renovations were almost completed, they sent us an installer for our Kinetico systems. They were on time, extremely professional, they showed us how to properly take care of our system, explained the annual service THEY would take care of, and followed up to make sure we were satisfied. Our water went from 220 ppm to less than 10 ppm.  Ask Robert he’ll explain! It’s been 6 months and we fell better already. 5 stars is rare these days, you deserve them, bravo, and thank you!

Our air filtration systems

Again, amazing Robert delivered the answers! My wife and I were looking for air filtration systems, as both our homes are downtown in two different cities. Robert evaluated the air to find out that we were at more than 500,000 ppm per cubic foot of air. He was very professional in explaining the health benefits and advantages of air filtration systems, and proposing the right systems for our homes. We read more into the subject, Robert answered all questions we might have, and finally we went ahead with the recommendations from Robert. It does make a difference! The air in the hallway outside our condo is at more than 600,000 parts per million, the outside air on the balcony at more than 1,500,000 ppm! It's been 5 months and our NEW air inside the condo is now at 90,000 ppm in the large main living area and LESS than 35,000 ppm in each of the bedrooms! Again it does make a difference to breath fresher air during the day and especially at night. And let’s not forget less dust! Thanks again Robert for making our life healthier.