Steve & Denise

Our concern about the quality of water our family consumes meant bottled water was delivered to our house for years. We put up with the hassles of ordering, hauling around bottles and occasional breakage until the time we asked our supplier for a water analysis and discovered it wasn't even all that pure.

It was suggested that we explore reverse osmosis water systems and we then decided to consult with a few suppliers. When Robert from BLU came to our house, there was never any doubt. He was extremely knowledgeable, personable, energetic and we discussed all kinds of health related topics as if we had known each other for years.

This water system is excellent - incredibly clean, pure taste and unrivalled ease of use. And whenever we've needed service or advice, Robert is quick to answer us by phone or email and see that we're well looked after.

We sincerely couldn't be happier with the quality of this water system and the service we know we can rely on.