As you know, I am a very satisfied customer of the 'Bluewater" products and your service.  In fact I love them.  I  bought the portable reverse-osmosis kit for my drinking water which has been wonderful for me given that I am in a rental apartment and do not want the expense of a major instalment.  I use it probably every couple of days and really do love the taste of the water and just 'knowing' that I am drinking pure water.  After the purchase, I discovered through testing with my naturopath, that I am actually allergic to the chlorine so its not surprising that I never liked the tap water and had always used Britta filters.  But I didn't much like them, either, given the waste I was creating every time I through one away.  So for me, this was a perfect solution for my drinking water.

Almost as important, was the filter you installed for my shower.  Once again, it's portability was a Godsend and I wouldn't have even known it was possible without a full installation which would effect all the taps.  Your service has been 'above and beyond' and I am very grateful.  

If I ever find a more permanent home, I will definitely use the Bluewater services to install a more permanent system throughout.  I couldn't ask for more while living in the city.